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Barbecue Specialties

Steak & Vegetables  
two tender beef medallions (200g) with grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes, with roasted bread 16,90 €
Chicken breast fillet  
with pepper cream sauce, broccoli served with hollandaise sauce and french fries 13,90 €
Turkey & Mushrooms  
tender turkey breast with fresh mushrooms a`la crème, served with french fries and roasted bread 13,90 €
Lamb filet  
grilled lamb fillet with grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes and pepper cream sauce, served with roasted bread 19,90 €

Gourmet plate

Gourmet plate  
tender beef steaks, turkey and pork fillets and lean bacon served with pepper cream sauce, roasted corn kernels, grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes für 1 people
für 2 people
20,90 €
39,90 €