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the fat-free steak with the hearty taste 230g  16,90 €
the hearty masterpiece, with the small fat edge 200g  18,90 €
  250g  21,90 €
Ribeye - Steak  
from the high rib, the delicate and juicy steak with the fat marmination 250g  19,90 €
  350g  25,90 €
Pepper - Steak  
grilled huftsteak, covered with a delicious pepper cream sauce 230g  19,90 €
Steak & Mushrooms  
aromatic huftsteak, covered with fresh mushrooms a'la créme 230g  19,90 €
the tenderest piece of beef, the gourmet steak 200g  23,90 €
  300g  32,90 €
Mixed grill  
three different types of meat (beef / pork / turkey), with pepper cream sauce 300g  17,90 €

For all steaks we serve a small salad with our delicious Dijon mustard sauce. In addition a baked potato with Sour Cream, grilled vegetables with rosemary potatoes or French fries and of course our crispy roasted bread

We like to grill your steak "rare", "medium" or "well done".